What Are The Major Reasons Of Contaminated Soil, NJ?

What Are The Major Reasons Of Contaminated Soil, NJ?

One part of the Earth is soil, but we rarely see it because of the development of buildings and roads. You can give this soil different names including ground, dirt, and mud. It is very important for humans, plants, and animals. The vegetables and fruits that we eat grow in soil, so it is our duty to keep the soil healthy to maintain a beautiful planet. However, just like other types of nature, soil also suffers from contamination. Today, contaminated soil, NJ is a very common thing and it is caused by man-made components mostly.

What Are The Major Reasons Of Contaminated Soil, NJ?

The natural waste generated from nature such as dead plants and rotten fruits and vegetables is useful for the fertility of the soil. On the other hand, man-made waste is full of harmful chemicals and is not naturally produced by nature, so it leads to pollution.

Major causes of soil pollution

Industrial activities

Industrial activities are the biggest cause of soil pollution because the amount of manufacturing and mining has increased to a great extent. Many industries are reliant on mining minerals from the Earth.

It does not matter if it’s coal or any other component, the by-products are polluted. They are also not disposed of in a safe manner. As a consequence, industrial waste remains on the surface of the soil for the long-term.

Agricultural activities

Due to technological advancements, we are being provided with modern fertilizers and insecticides that are full of chemicals. As they are not generated by soil, so it can’t break them down. As a result, when they mix with water, they seep into the soil and reduce its fertility.

Waste disposal

The growing reason for contaminated soil, NYC is how the disposal of contaminated is done. It is obvious that industrial waste cause pollution, but the waste produced by humans such as feces and urine also pose a risk to human health and the environment.

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