3 Reasons Why Garage Door Doesn’t Close Down

Simi Valley

Garage Doors have an important job of keeping our homes safe. But they can’t do their job if there is an issue with internal moving parts. Yes, the door won’t close properly if there is some issue in internal parts.

Following, we are going to explain different reasons why your door doesn’t close down, and when to call garage door repair to help you out.

Simi Valley

The Door is Blocked

It should be obvious, if not overlooked. In case there is something preventing the garage door from closing properly, you won’t see your garage door close fully. See the garage floor and nearby for anything that is keeping your door from closing fully.

Make sure you check the track and door thoroughly before calling in Garage Door Repair Services Simi Valley.

Faulty Sensors

Safety sensors are two devices fitted near the bottom of garage door. They face each other and send a signal across the length of doorway to assure there is nothing in the way the garage door shuts down. If any of these sensors have an issue, the garage door won’t close properly.

Garage Door Opener Installation companies explain it as a safety feature, but it’s annoying especially when there isn’t something blocking the door. If sensor failure is the real issue, then replacing the faulty pair with a new one should resolve your problem.

Spring Broke

Springs play an important role to make sure your garage opens and closes properly. Overhead torsion springs are response to drive the main opener while a second set of springs provide support. If any of these springs are broken or get jammed, the door can’t open or close properly.

If one spring has suffered from more wear and tear, it disturbs the whole balance and the door won’t function properly. In such cases, you need to call Garage Door Spring Repair services to get things back on track.